Weddings and Ceremonies

Brian_WeddingDivine and sacred, marriage is the joining of two lives and two souls. Molly and David through their love have chosen to celebrate their lives together, to enter into a trust that will grow and bloom through time. In each other’s presence they find comfort and respect, they see solace and encouragement. One has to only look into their eyes to see the beauty of their love. Their marriage is a celebration of the knowledge that they have found a home within one another’s hearts. As they journey further into their lives, their path now becomes one…stronger, and filled with the beauty each of them shines. Forever may they keep the flame of their love alive and live in comfort of the warmth it provides”
~ Lowry Wedding


As an Interfaith Minister and Shaman, I offer a unique ceremony for couples looking for a special way to celebrate their union. My weddings celebrate your future with blessings of abundance, health, and happiness. You deserve a ceremony as Dani_Wedding_2wonderful as your love. Together, we create a wedding you and your families will remember forever. No matter what path you walk, I will incorporate your desired elements into a unique and beautiful service.

I have done weddings with Rabbis, Hindu priests and Episcopal ministers, and I can address the Divine the way you and your family feel comfortable. Allow me to help you unite your spiritual paths, your families and your new marriage with love.

All weddings consist of two sessions to create your ceremony, the rehearsal and the ceremony day. It is a process that will add great meaning and sacredness to your union. Please call for more information.


I also offer the following Ceremonies:

House Blessings/Clearings

Bring the energies of peace and prosperity into your home. This is very good after going through a life transition or moving to a new place. Most blessings are an hour in length and you are left with empowered gifts to help you keep the energy alive.

Baby Naming

This is a wonderful alternative to other traditions. Welcome the new, beautiful soul into your family with the ceremony of celebration. In this ceremony everyone will take part in blessing the newborn with their love.

Life Changes

A special birthday, a young girl entering into womanhood, a change in marital status . . . all of these things are sacred in their own way. Together we can create a memorable celebration filled with beauty.


Divine energy of light, illuminate my heart.
Guide me to your safe harbor of bliss.
Hold me close as I journey on this Path of Heart & remind me with each step that I am one with you.
Bring joyous wellness & surround me in the grace of your love.
Forever my soul shall sing to you . . . with deep gratitude . . . So Be It.