“I am an avid learner and was drawn to the Star class.  It was transformational!   If you truly want to understand yourself at a deep level, the Star class provides the road map.  Thank you Paula for opening my mind and my heart to a world I did not know existed.  Everyday is filled with gratitude and beauty.”
~ Melinda D.

“The star has transformed my life and offered me guidance on my own personal journey and also in my professional work as a psychologist and spiritual healer.  So many miracles have blossomed (and continue to blossom) in my life from this work.  Paula has a wonderful, charismatic way of teaching the inner power of true love through shaman eyes.  She holds the energy of the space in each group to support and give gentle pushes of compassion and strength as needed so everyone can move at their own pace and inspire each other.  Through the star, I have learned to love and trust myself much more deeply.”
~ Lisa Templeton PH.D. LP

“With love and gratitude Paula. The beautiful lessons of the Star have enriched and blessed my life and my spiritual journey.
It is Bliss!”
~ Kathy Molloy

“The ShamanStar experience is transformational!  Upon completion of the Outer Star and Inner Star courses, I now have an invaluable  life compass to guide me towards being complete within myself, peaceful, personally powerful and able to access joy!  Each week stands on its own, and Paula layers them to bring illumination and depth as the classes move around the points of the star.  Paula creates a safe, loving and inspirational environment to learn, share and grow within ourselves and with each other.  Anyone who takes this class will be enriched!”
~ Randi Waldman

“I am so fortunate to have been able to participate in the workshops that Paula has offered!  One of the things I liked the most is the way in which these classes had us look deeply at ourselves.  For these classes, your background does not matter.  If you are struggling from severe trauma’s of childhood or if you just want to improve the way you are in the world, these classes will benefit you by looking at yourself.  Needless to say, I would highly recommend any and all of Paula’s workshops to anyone who wants to live life to the fullest.”
~ Ginger Metzler

“My reading with Paula was just so lovely… A true Angel! She could see my situation so clearly & with a lot of detail. I truly feel blessed and inspired after speaking with her. Thank You Paula!!”
~ Mary W.

“Wow! What a great reading. Paula is able to tune in to the people and situations I had questions about. She gave me a great sense of well being by letting me know I am on the right track. Thank you Paula, God Bless you!”
~ Theresa L.

“I am feeling confident and like I am on a new path toward a future of my creation out of love and worthiness. I can’t tell you how much your guidance and work with me has meant. I am so grateful.”
~ Pat P.

“Every reading you have done for me has given me so much in the way of increased understanding and comfort. I thank you and bless you for sharing your tremendous gift and your love.”
~ Susan S.

“I can’t imagine anyone else officiating (at our wedding). It was amazing to have you. Perfect!”
~ Linda and Dan S.

“Annalee’s presence reminds us we are divine beings, filled with the bliss of a new life. Let us remember to embrace everyday as a gift and keep this special child in our hearts always. Our family has grown, lets us rejoice!”
~ Revis Baby Naming Celebration

“The Star has brought beauty and meaning to me. It has changed my life in so many ways. Blessings to you dear one!”
~ Erica P.

“It is a constant source of growth and learning. It is a true gift to us. Thank you my sister.”
~ Melissa B.

“Thank you again for the amazing, unforgettable, healing experience.”
~ Bobbie W.