Power Animal Workshop
Presented by – Paula Gerardi
Saturday April 8th 10am-6pm


Your Power Animal is the well-spring of the power of your soul. Guiding and guarding you, your Animal lends its own characteristics to you and from it you derive your ways of interacting with others and moving through life. Finding your Power Animal can give you renewed strength and enthusiasm for life. By discovering the Primal Nature of your soul, you move into greater understanding of who you really are.

This workshop offers an experience into the Dreamtime to meet this sacred aspect of your own nature. Through meditation, you will journey to the lower world to greet your Power Animal and bring its energy into your waking life. You will learn how to integrate this power into all aspects of your being and how to create a Sacred Bundle to represent this teaching in a beautiful way.

You are magnificent being of light and power. Let the embrace of your Power Animal add beauty to your path.”

Cost: $170


Golden Gate Grange Community
25201 Golden Gate Canyon Road
Golden, CO 80403


You will receive knowledge of your power animal, handouts, a sacred bundle blessed in ceremony, snacks, water and a community of loving individuals.

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Price: $170.00