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Star-big-2I offer classes in two ways: ShamanStar and Changing Personal History. ShamanStar begins once a year and is in a group setting. Changing Personal History can begin anytime and is private. Please read further for more information about each.

In 1994, after 6 years of Shaman apprenticeship, attaining a traditional degree in Philosophy and other intensive work with Hindu and Buddhist teachers, I channeled the core of ShamanStar. It is the essence of the Native Medicine Wheel, the Vedic yantras and thanka paintings of mandalas. It is a pure Shamanism . . . a way of seeing beyond the self to touch the bliss of inner power. It is a path that awakens.

Since that morning when the first 12 points of the Star were written, ShamanStar has evolved and has been taught to women of all backgrounds all over the world. They have taken this work and made it a part of their spiritual practices. The Sisters of the Star live empowered, more joyful lives. As we heal and grow, we send out our energy to uplift the world. We are Women of Power and if you feel called . . . come and join us!

shields_sYou journey with your class around each point of the Outer and Inner Star. This process takes a little over a year and includes such topics as: Altar Building, Bundle Making, and working in the Dreamtime. It is a rich, life changing experience that empowers you.

A new class begins once a year, usually in the fall. Please join the mailing list to make sure you receive the invitation.

When you have completed the ShamanStar Class, you are invited to join our Council. The Council of the Star is now over 50 women strong and meets monthly for Shamanic work. This group of vibrant, talented women, come together for meditation and celebration. From our powerful Winter Solstice to our special weekend retreats, there is always something magical on our schedule.

If you would like to work privately, I offer Changing Personal History, CPH. This can begin anytime and is a month-long class that takes you through the process of Spirit Retrieval.

teachingEverything about this process came through me when I was healing myself from a serious illness. I worked intensively for two years, moving myself into a deeper place of self-awareness and, since then, feeling passionate about sharing what I have learned.

Changing Personal History is four sessions that gives you the basics in Shamanism and teaches you Spirit Retrieval. Please contact me to begin your healing journey!

Payments for ShamanStar Classes and Workshops can be made online.