About ShamanStar and Paula Gerardi

paula_headshotI can remember at four years old, praying to the Moon as Grandmother, seeing auras and making offerings to the Ocean. Heeding these calls and many others from my childhood, I followed in the path of my Mother’s intuitive lineage by apprenticing to a shaman for six years. I have offered my work of spiritual counseling, readings and holding classes on Shamanism for almost 20 years. I began my public work by running a council on Shamanism for 7 years in New York City. These monthly meetings grew larger and soon blossomed into a series of retreats.

In the 1990’s, I initiated regular services to the Divine Mother at The Women’s Rites Center in Manhattan where I also served on the Board of Directors. The Center was a Sacred Space, open to any spiritual group. While at the Woman’s Rites Center I began my most innovative work, Changing Personal History. Over a period of 5 years I was blessed with many clients who came to learn this unique process of Soul Retrieval. During my own Shamanic Apprenticeship, I wrote Changing Personal History in the desert of Arizona. Through its practice, I healed from severe chronic fatigue syndrome and began my own work in the world.

For several years I was the Director of the Earth Based and the Eastern Religions Forums for the Microsoft Network. I was able to share my deep love of these areas with MSN’s large on-line community and broaden my knowledge by providing coverage of events such as The Buddhism in America Conference. I have had articles published on MSN and in Sage Woman Magazine. I have a degree in Philosophy from New York University and am an ordained Interfaith Minister. I now reside in Denver Colorado where I have had a private practice for over 10 years. I live in gratitude and am blessed to see hundreds of clients each year for readings, counseling and classes.

The call of Shamanism, is to me, through the pathway of the Dreamer. Through the Sacred Dream we can journey to the past, the future and to other levels of reality. My years of working with others has given me a deep understanding of karma, the false beliefs that repeat over and over until we learn the needed lessons. The goal is always self-knowledge, unconditional self-love, and personal empowerment.

To be a shaman to me, is having one foot in the material world, another in the Sacred Dream . . . the world of the
“unseen.” To travel between those worlds for healing, and Divine awaking.
It is the sacred dance within my heart.